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What does inPrezo offer?
WHYwas inPrezo born? 
It's simple. Christi Ross, the owner, had been narrating presentations for years. She saw many projects come across her desk that companies were obviously putting a lot of time and money into. But at the end of the day, a presentation can be narrated, have a snazzy title page, be uploaded online, have great videos embedded, etc... and if the main content consists of bullet points on a slide with a few photos sprinkled in, your audience will tune out within minutes.

She saw a need and thus.... inPrezo!


Let us put together a Prezo for you! Contact us today.
-Christi Ross
An estimated 30 Million Powerpoint presentations are given around the world each day!

      -Wall Street Journal, 2006
Bad Powerpoint presentations cost companies an estimated $252 Million dollars per day in wasted time!!

           -Wall Street Journal, 2006

Just because you have Powerpoint on your computer, doesn't mean you are an expert on putting together properly branded, effective slide decks. Could you build a car just because you drive one?
Here are just a few of the skills that we bring to the table when working on 'Prezos':

Broadcasting- you may think this is a bit of a strange skill to add to the list. Having a brief background in broadcasting has created an awareness of what catches people's attention. Did you know that you need to change what your viewer is seeing every 3 seconds on average? Or that after 10 seconds you will likely lose their attention completely? We do and we will use our experience to catch your audience's attention!

Marketing- How could this not be applicable? Whether looking at brand consistency, sales tactics, advertising, you name it. Specializing in marketing creates a foundation that is absolutely critical to the success of your future presentation.

Strategic Planning- Do you know where you want to be in 5 years? Sales presentations will be very different if you are in a period of growth vs a period of maintenance. Having an understanding of business strategy allows inPrezo to create presentations that reinforce the direction of your company.