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Not every presentation is equal...

  • Different presentation types need to be built differently.
  • Some are message-based, some are information based, others are designed solely to grab your attention and leave you wanting more.
  • If your presentations are designed the same way for different purposes, you are missing the boat!
  • Check out some of our different Prezo categories below:


Let us put together a Prezo for you!
Sales/Business Development Prezo
  • If your current training consists of text that you are hoping your trainee will read and/or hear and retain, re-think your plan. With an engaging prezo to deliver your corporate training, you can save your dollars by decreasing training man-hours.

  • Training is a costly element of business. Save time and money by having an effective set of training presentations that convey the information you need in a memorable way.

  • We can also coordinate with you to have your training delivered online should you have an interest in this option*
Training Prezo
Tradeshow Prezo
  • Unlike the other types of presentations, tradeshow Prezos have to be short, sweet, and eye catching! They have to cut through the clutter.

  • A good presentation loop can get people into your booth instead of your neighbours. 

  • Create the Prezo that draws them in and hands them off to your sales team to do what they do best!
  • Traditionally, this type of presentation would have been thought of as your brochure in Powerpoint form. On the contrary, this is NOT meant to be a brochure. Let all of the other companies fall into that trap while you serve up a message-based presentation that is much more effective!

Investor/Board Prezo
  • These presentations are created for a special audience.  Information is king in an investor or board presentation and these are also created with easy printing in mind.

  • To an investor, you want your best foot forward. A good presentation is like a foot in the door.  Let us match your presentation with the care you put into the information you want to present.

  • Clear and simple charts and graphics, nicely displayed tables.... put us to work!

*delivering your training online is a service that will be offered by a referred third party